ABS Releases Environmental Management Software

By MarEx 2012-11-19 08:11:00

ABS is proud to announce the release of the new Energy & Environmental Manager module within NS5 Enterprise, the industry-leading asset management software suite.

The Energy & Environmental Manager helps owners and operators realize more environmentally sound voyage management by tracking and recording key voyage-related events, including fuel and lube oil consumption, fuel oil switching, cargo information and ballast activities. By simplifying and centralizing real-time environmental and energy data collection, this comprehensive module makes it easy to track, trend, and report the information required for various regulation requirements, including Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans, ballast water management and MARPOL VI (fuel switching).  The Energy & Environmental Manager also trends performance data at a ship and fleet level, allowing users to maximize operational efficiencies.

To learn more about the ABS Nautical Systems Energy & Environmental Manager, and other environmental management solutions offered by ABS, please visit our website at http://www.eagle.org/nsenvironmentalsolutions/.