The Shearer Group's New Floating Crane Barge

By MarEx 2014-03-28 14:48:00

Mr. Bos Smith, Vice President, Operations, with Stevens Towing Co., Inc., Yonges Island, SC, announces the delivery of the “OCEAN RANGER,” a 200’ X 72’ X 14’ ABS-classed floating crane barge.

The barge was designed by The Shearer Group, Inc., Seabrook, TX, and built by Metal Trades, Inc., of Yonges Island, SC. Additional engineering for the crane boom and back-leg foundations and associated equipment was provided by TEEARC Engineering of Henderson, NV. 

The barge is certified at 500 short tons lifting and capable of being certified at 700 short tons lifting. Allowable deck loading is 3200 pounds per square foot.

The boom was originally built by Manitowoc and installed on the ocean service crane barge “CHEROKEE.” It was refurbished and installed on the “OCEAN RANGER” by Stevens Towing.

The “OCEAN RANGER” is equipped with a ballasting system to allow minimum trim when making lifts. The mooring winch is a diesel-driven Clyde Frame 8. The hoist winches are Skagit Model RB-90.

The Shearer Group worked with Stevens Towing and TEEARC to analyze the operating requirements and maximum utilization of the vessel.