Russian Cargo Vessel Ready to Return Home

By MarEx 2014-10-26 18:53:00

The Russian cargo ship that was adrift off Canada last week has now been repaired at Prince Rupert Port and is ready to return to Russia.

Michael Gurney of the Prince Rupert Port Authority said a defective engine oil cooling pump has been replaced on the vessel, Simushir

It will now return to Russia with a Russian icebreaker on standby. 

The vessel has a replacement captain on board as the original captain is still recovering in hospital in Canada after being airlifted from the vessel while it was adrift.

The Simushir was carrying hundreds of tons of bunker and diesel fuel when it reported mechanical problems whilst near the Haida Gwaii archipelago, a marine sanctuary off Canada’s west coast.

The tug Barbara Foss towed the ship to port after a tow line from a Canadian Coast Guard ship snapped and set the vessel adrift again. This raised concerns about local SAR capabilities. However, the port authority states that, contrary to some reports, three more tugs strong enough to respond to Simushir are based in the port.

Picture credit: Prince Rupert Port Authority