Passenger Ferry, Barge Collide on the Thames

By MarEx 2014-07-17 12:04:00

A ferry and barge have collided on the Thames near the landmark OXO tower.

Hundreds of passengers were on board City Cruises’ Millennium Time when it collided with the barge being towed by a tug.

Passengers from the stricken ferry were rescued by a massive emergency crew including the police marine team, coastguard, fire brigade and ambulance service. They were reportedly being transferred to another ship stationed on the river.

City Cruises released the following statement regarding the incident:

“Today at 14:25 the Millennium Time – part of City Cruises sightseeing fleet - made contact with a commercial vessel while sailing by Coin Street on the River Thames.

Six minor injuries have been reported and are being treated by paramedics who were called immediately to the scene, none of whom were hospitalized.  All other passengers were guided off the boat promptly by City Cruises, who continue to do everything they can to support the authorities and those involved in the incident.

Investigations are on-going and more information will follow pending its conclusion. The Millennium Time will return to Cherry Garden Pier for repair and all other City Cruises services are running as usual.”

Injuries appear to be limited to cuts and whiplash. Nobody from either vessel entered the water following the collision, and neither vessel is believed to be at risk of sinking.

The cause of the collision has not yet been determined.