New Report on Alternative Materials for Container Floors

By MarEx 2014-01-01 17:07:00

The Container Owners Association (COA) has published the sixth Revision to its Annual Report on Alternative Systems for Container Floors. In his introduction, the report's author, Nigel Stribley, notes that during the 12 months since the previous report was published, the container market has continued to be “challenging” for owners and manufacturers. 

The report states: “Dry container production remains at a relatively low level and total production for the year 2013 is estimated at being about 2,400,000 TEU which is down on the figure of 2,460,000 TEU in 2012.  Profitability for all sectors of the industry has been under considerable pressure because of competition and oversupply; so when containers have been purchased, it is quite likely that the primary focus has been on obtaining the lowest price rather than improving the specification or improving the environmental impact of their production.”

It continues: “It is against this background that container owners have been considering what materials to specify for their container floors. The production volume of containers fitted with floors using materials other than tropical hardwood plywood has continued to rise slowly but the forecast of what might happen in the future has changed significantly since last year’s report was issued.”