MOL Comfort Investigation Published

By MarEx 2014-09-30 12:28:00

In response to the casualty of “MOL COMFORT” which occurred on 17 June 2013, ClassNK established the Investigative Panel on Large Container Ship Safety, comprised of leading experts from shipbuilders, shipowners and academic institutions, to carry out the following course of action: 

(1) Investigate the possibility of casualty occurrence

(2) Consider and examine safety of large container ship structure

The findings and outcomes of the panel have been consolidated into a report, which is available in both English and Japanese.

For all inquiries regarding the report, please fill out an Enquiry Form. Answers to these inquiries will also be regularly updated as Q&As on the ClassNK website.

ClassNK has scheduled an immediate Explanatory Meeting with IACS members to explain the report and to share the findings and outcomes among the IACS members.

ClassNK will continue to work towards the safety of the large container ships including improvement of the relevant Rules, Guidance and Guidelines.

Investigation Report on Structural Safety of Large Container Ships