Libya Increases Security at Oil Fields Following Attacks

By MarEx 2013-01-18 15:46:00

Libya’s oil protection officials say they’re taking increased security measures following attacks at an Algerian oil field earlier this week.

In a statement released on their Facebook page on Friday, Libya’s Petroleum Faculty Guard, a division of the Ministry of Defense, said the following:

“Due to the events in the region the PFG (Petroleum Faculty Guard) has taken a series of actions to enhance and reinforce the protection of oil fields, faculties and employees in the west and south region of Libya including the formation of a special operations room, including military air support and increasing guards, military personal and intensifying security patrols inside and out the sites around the clock to block any attempt from any whom wish to compromise public property.”

About 30 hostages remain missing after the oil field they were working in was attacked on Wednesday. Militants seized hundreds of workers from 10 nations at Algeria’s Ain Amenas natural gas plant. Officials say 100 of the 132 hostages had been freed but officials are not certain of the exact numbers.  At least six are dead and the remaining hostages are believed to be in great danger.

The PFG also noted that security in the fields is fully established and conditions are safe and operations at all site remain normal.