Flags at Sea [Infographic]

By MarEx 2014-08-25 10:53:00

Conventions at sea and flag etiquette is still very prevalent and important to the maritime industry. Seafaring people are quite traditional and will stick rigidly to this etiquette. Flags and ensigns on boats and ships all have specific meanings; some are to indicate country of origin, some are connected to sailing clubs and others are specific to the captain of the ship. Even the dimensions of the flag and their location on the boat are important and have significance. 

Separate to this, there are UN conventions that seafarers need to adhere to. Examples of this include that a ship can only sail with a flag of one state only. 

This infographic covers the whole topic of flags at sea and outlines the various conventions and terminologies associated with this area of maritime.

Commentary and infographic courtesy of John Tissott, East Fremantle Yacht Club