"Exterior Strain" Caused LNG Bunkering Incident

By MarEx 2014-07-01 09:58:00

The investigation performed by Skangass and Fjord Line after the LNG leakage incident is concluded. The incident occurred during truck to ship bunkering of MS Bergensfjord in Risavika, Norway. No one was injured and the vessel was not damaged. The investigation report also concludes that the incident did not cause any danger to passengers or crew on board the ship.

”Naturally Skangass will implement all remarks and preventive actions followed by the supervision of the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) 24th June 2014, in addition to the additional safety measures already implemented. Skangass and Fjord Line are working closely together to make sure that preventive actions and procedures are synchronized between ship and shore,” says Tor Morten Osmundsen, Managing Director of Skangass. ”Our experiences from the incident will also be used to improve all bunkering operations by Skangass”.

The incident is due to a test of the ship’s stability system taking place at the same time as bunkering the MS Bergensfjord that resulted in a large exterior strain to the hose connection to the bunker station on board the ship. The leakage is estimated to 130 kilograms of LNG.

”Skangass and Fjord Line will in cooperation with among others the emergency services carry out relevant and realistic exercises related to incidents during the bunkering operation. The practicing of equipment, communication and organisation will improve our learning. We will become better prepared for managing unexpected incidents”, Mr. Osmundsen underlines.