Boom Shakalaka Boom! MarEx's Last Edition of 2013 Is Upon Us

By MarEx 2013-12-03 10:23:00

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Perhaps the biggest news story of 2013 is the U.S.’s regaining the number one spot in global oil production. The new output is coming largely from shale deposits, but the Gulf of Mexico and its deepwater plays are having a profound impact as well. After a lapse of some 30 years, the U.S. has blown by Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s biggest oil – and energy – producer.  Read all about it in Senior Editor Jack O’Connell’s revealing “Upgrades & Downgrades” column.

Continuing the good news, columnist Michael Economides and colleague Xiuli Wang proclaim in “The LNG Solution” that LNG is a game-changer and emerging players like the U.S. will play a key role as natural gas becomes the world’s preferred fuel. Wendy Laursen surveys the global workboat market and reports that the demand for high-spec vessels has never been greater in “What’s in Your Boat?”

“Washington Insider” columnist Larry Kiern snaps us back to reality with his discussion of the sequester’s continuing impact on the maritime industry. But he sees hope in the water resources legislation that is currently making its way through Congress. Dana Goward, a first-time contributor, provides an eye-opening look into government missteps in the leasing of offshore wind farm sites along the U.S. East Coast.

Philip Shapiro, CEO of Liberty Maritime Corporation, is about as outspoken as maritime executives get. For the last 25 years his company has been operating U.S. and foreign-flagged bulk ships around the world, mainly in the service of the U.S. government. And while U.S. cargo preference and food aid are big concerns to him, it’s the Maritime Security Program’s “grandfather” clause that is driving him to the edge. Don’t miss the fireworks in this edition’s “Case Study” and “Executive Interview.”

Our “Executive Achievement” feature looks at Andreas Schwan, head of Siemens Marine & Shipbuilding, which builds propulsion systems for, among other users, submarines. Speaking of propulsion, Wendy Laursen hits the exacta with her article, “The Quest for Fuel Efficiency,” arguing that LNG is not the only way to get to the promised land. Jim Romeo is a double-dipper too, contributing both “Moving the ‘Cold Chain’” (I won’t spoil it for you by explaining what the “cold chain” is) and “Meeting the Digital Expectations of a Wired World.” And guest columnist Frank Dugie enlightens us on the subject of condition-based maintenance.

Lastly, yours truly has a new feature titled “American Maritime Renaissance,” the first of a continuing series on the state of the Jones Act industry as seen by industry and union leaders, elder (and not so elder) statesmen, legislators, educators and nonprofits. Tell me what you think.

The holidays are upon us – can you believe it? – and this is a great time for all of us at MarEx to say “Thank You” for your continued readership and support. May the New Year bring choice blessings to you and yours. Shakalaka boom! – MarEx    

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