At Least 1 Dead in Maritime Hit-and-Run Off Philippines

By MarEx 2014-03-13 12:01:00

A cargo ship collided with a small fishing vessel in Manila Bay. The fishing boat subsequently sank, leaving one of its 23 crewmembers dead and 10 others missing, according to the Philippine Coast Guard.

The incident occurred late Wednesday off Cavite province, south of Manila.

Responders recovered the body of one member of the fishing boat's crew. Ten crewmen were missing, while the 12 others were rescued by another fishing vessel.

The 45-foot-long wooden-hulled fishing boat sank immediately after being hit.

The cargo ship remains unidentified, but the coast guard is checking harbor records to determine which ships were in the area at the time. The cargo ship was carrying steel containers, according to rescued crewmembers from the fishing boat.