7 Arrested in Anti-Drilling Protest

Greenpeace activists painted and posted anti-drilling messages in big letters on the bridge of a ship that is scheduled to depart for Alaska to support drilling operations in July.

Charges were filed against the seven activists. The ship is docked in Port Fourchon, La., an area affected by the BP oil spill in the gulf, and is to sail to the Arctic this summer to support Royal Dutch Shell’s company’s exploratory drilling plans there

Using oil, the activist wrote “Arctic Next?” and put out a sign that said, “Salazar: Ban Arctic Drilling.” Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was in the area at the time and was the intended recipient of the message.

Amid BP’s blowout in the gulf, Shell is continuing with plans to drill in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas. The drilling could begin as early as this summer.

The activists were charged with unauthorized entry of acritical infrastructure and of an inhabited dwelling, both counts carry a maximum penalty of 6 years. All seven were released on bail Tuesday morning.

Pictured below is the Harvey Explorer, in Port Fourchon. Police escorted the activist off the vessel.

In other parts of the world Greenpeace activists are making their feelings known, pictured is a sign hanging from a building in London.