3 Argentine Naval Officials Replaced Over Warship Seizure in Ghana

By MarEx 2012-10-16 14:05:43

Statements from Argentina's Ministry of Defense:

The Defense Ministry reports that administrative proceedings initiated in the area of the Navy, with the aim of establishing liability for the decision that the frigate ARA Libertad made ??at the Port of Tema, Ghana, during his 43 trip Instruction.

In this regard and as documentation in this Ministry, the reassignment was amended by "operational reasons", by the then director general of Organization and Doctrine of the Navy, Navy Commodore VGM Mario Alfredo Blanco, as appears from note signed by the same dated May 14, 2012.

Said had assumed formal referral in office dated February 14, 2012, replaced four months later, on June 13, current, less than a month having changed the course of the frigate Libertad also reported the availability of pass that officer, as well as general secretary of the Navy Alte. Luis Maria Gonzalez Day. 

The Defense Ministry also reported that President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner appointed Vice Admiral Daniel Alberto Enrique VGM Martin as the new head of the General Staff of the Navy, replacing Admiral Carlos Alberto Paz VGM.

Martin, who so far is envisaged to play as deputy of the General Staff of the Navy, he entered the Naval Academy and graduated with the rank of midshipman on December 30, 1975. This will become the first diver to hold the highest office of that institution. He attended Submarine School and the School of Navy officers, acquiring specializations in submarines and underwater weapons. During the Falklands War was part the crew of the submarine ARA "Santa Fe", to participate in Operation "Rosario" and the replenishment of South Georgia. 


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