China Repairs Leaking Pipeline, Oil Coats Shoreline

China National Petroleum Corp. reported today that a vital pipeline has resumed operations after an explosion caused the country's largest reported oil spill.

Cleanup efforts, which included the near drowning of a worker, his body coated in crude, continue over 165 square mile stretch of water. The thick crude poses a severe threat to sea life and water quality. The slick coated beaches as its size doubled Wednesday.

State media has said no more oil is leaking into the Yellow Sea.

About 800 boats equipped with oil absorbers and dispersants have been dispatched. And crews are dumping 30 tons of oil-eating bacteria daily.

Ship traffic at Dalian, China's second-largest port for crude oil imports, was limited to not interfere with the cleanup efforts. The port turned away 420 vessels in the past four days.

Fishing, a major industry in the area has been banned until the end of the summer.

The spill began after two pipelines exploded Friday in northeastern province of Liaoning. No deaths or injures have been reported.