Wilhelmsen Ships Service Measures Success of Liferaft Exchange Programme

The world’s leading maritime service network, Wilhelmsen Ships Service, is measuring the success of the sales campaign launched for its Liferaft Exchange Programme one year ago.

The company’s Liferaft Exchange Programme has now extended to cover 743 ports in 74 countries worldwide and continues to expand. The concept, which swops service-due liferafts and life-saving appliances for operational ones, takes better control of costs and reduces the chance of getting caught out by unforeseen service dates and costly weak links in the supply chain. The solution was developed as a result of a customer request and is a step forward in increasing the customer’s operational efficiency.

“The customer is benefiting from the global availability of this programme,” comments Dave Evans, Product manager for liferafts. “There is a single point of contact for the owner, who doesn’t need to deal with agents in local ports. As the current economic situation drives shipowners to reduce costs and improve efficiency, this concept is particularly attractive.”

The liferaft market has undergone a period of consolidation over the last 15 years resulting in a small number of large suppliers, much of whose distribution is handled by distributors and dealerships. Wilhelmsen Ships Service, through its far-reaching global network is, however, able to provide a direct comprehensive capability and wide product supply scope.

Wilhelmsen Ships Services include marine products and technical services, safety and refrigeration, ships agency services, Unitor products, and maritime logistics.

Photograph: Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s Unitor branded liferaft on the dockside.