Featured MarEx Print Article: Two Kinds of Green

Knight & Carver is definitely into both. This week's feature archive article comes from our most recent edition, the June 2008 MarEx featuring NASSCO's Fred Harris on the cover.

Sampson A. Brown , President and CEO of Knight & Carver YachtCenter, came on board at the West Coast megayacht mainstay in 2001 and found a business that was struggling in more ways than one. By 2002, it was clear that the firm was losing money in its traditional bread-and-butter occupation of building yachts. The firm's former outside counsel had to make a decision: Transform the business or die. The rest of the story, as they often say, is history. More than five years later, the details of the story are more than fascinating – they make a lot of sense.

Brown decided to leverage his newfound success by positioning his megayacht repair business…as the centerpiece for a new enterprise, which would focus on the application of "green technologies" to both megayacht design and other cutting-edge endeavors.

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