AMS Announces Eight Member Companies to Receive Maritime Safety Awards

American Maritime Safety, Inc., ("AMS") is pleased to announce that the AMS Safety Advisory Committee has selected the eight member companies listed below to receive maritime safety awards during the AMS Membership Dinner event that has been scheduled for Thursday, October 16, 2008.

AMS is a non-profit maritime trade association established in 1988 to facilitate the maritime industry's compliance with U.S. Coast Guard regulations and international protocols. The AMS consortium administers maritime safety programs for U.S. and international flag deep-sea, cruise, Great Lake and tug & barge operators and represents the interests of over 400 marine employers in the U.S. and abroad.

AMS presents eight of its member companies with Maritime Safety Awards in recognition of the selected companies' dedication to preserving the marine environment and promoting safe vessel navigation, operation and maritime work practices. These Maritime Safety Awards are designed to recognize vessel operators for their proactive efforts towards achieving safe and responsible maritime practices.

Click: http://www.maritimesafety.org/membership-pictures.shtml to view the photos of the safety award recipients at the AMS membership event in 2007.

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