New Piracy Events

PHILIPPINE pirates murdered four passengers being transported between an island in the Sulu region. Eight others were injured in an attack carried out on 6 May. The fishing boat was on passage from Solo to Laminusa Island carrying 20 passengers, when four speedboats and 20 pirates, all armed with automatic weapons, attacked.

On May 13, in Nigerian waters, a supply vessel with a crew of 11 was boarded and hijacked while underway. The hijackers have demanded a ransom for the safe release of crew and vessel. No further details are available.

Somali pirates are continuing their attacks following the weekend hijacking of VICTORIA, a Jordanian-flag general cargo ship 40 miles off Mogadishu. Other reports filtering in, say there was another attempted hijacking in the Gulf of Aden, as rocket propelled grenade launcher was used to intimidate a container ship underway in an attempt to get it to stop, but no shots were fired and the ship kept going.

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