The Future National Maritime Center: What That Means to You

Dear Maritime Colleagues,

The link below will take you to a story about the Coast Guard's Mariner Licensing and Documentation program written from the future. Click HERE to read the story.

This story provides you with a vivid description of how mariners will interface with the National Maritime Center when conducting credential transactions. This story illustrates what the world will look like when the NMC achieves its big audacious goal of building the mariner credentialing version of Intuit, Inc.'s Turbo Tax. One day mariners will be able to upgrade or renew their credential on demand from any location in the world, much like you can access your bank account and withdraw cash from an ATM or file your income taxes on line.

Over the years, improvements in technology have made our lives simpler. The industrial revolution brought new inventions to make life and work easier. In recent years, we've seen how information technology has transformed today's world. If you are reading this, chances are that you may also frequently conduct transactions over the Internet such as banking, investing, research and e-commerce. Many young people today have grown up with these technological advances. Yet despite all this, merchant mariners today must still conduct credential transactions with the Coast Guard by filling out paper forms by hand. Change is needed, change is coming.

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Thank you for challenging us to improve the Mariner Licensing and Documentation program. We ask for your patience and welcome your suggestions.

David C. Stalfort
Captain, U. S. Coast Guard

Commanding Officer
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