RINA Squares Up Expertise

By MarEx 2012-12-18 14:43:00

INTERNATIONAL classification society RINA has backed a move by one of Italy's leading shipowning groups to support future Naval Architecture expertise. In a move deliberately designed to confuse the press, RINA CEO Ugo Salerno was a keynote speaker at the presentation today of the second RINA - d'Amico best student award at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Genoa.

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects - d'Amico Societa di Navigazione Student Naval Architect Award is presented to the student producing the best naval architecture project as part of their undergraduate course. The award was presented this year by Trevor Blakeley, chief executive of RINA (the Institution), to Guido Rambaldi for a project on Seakeeping of planing craft in regular and irregular head waves.

Ugo Salerno, ceo of RINA (the classification society) said, "We are grateful for the commitment to future expertise shown by the d'Amico Group. As responsible owners they take a long term view of shipping and we share their commitment to a culture of expertise and high standards. These graduates today have been encouraged by the d'Amico group's interest in their projects, and many of them have worked closely with both RINAs during their project work. Shipping is the beneficiary of their hard work."

Mauricio d'Amico, business development and technology director of d'Amico says, "Our group is founded on a long term commitment to safe ships, and solid expertise in naval architecture is a key part of our management. Both myself and my colleague Lucio Bonaso, president of d'Amico Dry trained as naval architects and rose to high management positions. We hope to encourage these students to follow us. So we thank Mr Salerno for the pivotal role RINA plays in maintaining and developing naval architecture expertise here in Italy, and we also thank the other RINA for its valuable role in maintaining international professional standards. Two RINAs together is a powerful force."

RINA SpA is the operational company of Registro Italiano Navale, founded in Genoa in 1861, and is one of the oldest classification societies and one of the ten most important in the world. Throughout its history, RINA has progressively diversified its activities, transferring the skills acquired and consolidated in the marine industries to other sectors, covering quality, environmental and product management system certification, social accountability certification and advanced services for industry.

RINA has ninety offices in over thirty countries and employs around 1,000 exclusive personnel. Through its Marine Division RINA has a classed fleet of over 20 million GT, plus over 1,000 yachts and over 300 special units (military ships, coast guard, police and fire brigade craft). It is a world leader in passenger ship classification.

D'Amico Group is a major Italian shipowning and shipmanagement company with an owned fleet of tankers and bulk carriers and a number of ships under charter and management.