Industry Examines Environmental Practices at World Maritime Day Event in New York

The commercial maritime industry will put its environmental practices under the microscope at the World Maritime Day Observance being held in New York on October 25th. With leaders from the IMO, US Coast Guard, MARAD and ExxonMobil discussing the challenges of doing business in today’s climate.

Secretary-General Mitropoulos of the International Maritime Organization will outline his organization’s response to environmental challenges. Vice Admiral Vivien Crea, Vice Commandant of the US Coast Guard will discuss the changes in their regulatory role, with Deputy Maritime Administrator Julie Nelson underscoring the role and response of the US in the context of global shipping.

Industry will have its turn to respond, led by Miquel Palomares, Director of the IMO’s Marine Environment Division and SeaRiver Maritime President Will Jenkins’ remarks from the perspective of the shipowner/charterer.

“Industry needs to clearly identify and articulate its goals and action steps” stated the North American World Maritime Day Event Chairman Clay Maitland. Added the IRI Managing Partner, “The public eye is turning to us. We need to be proactive and intentional in our response.”

In addition to the environmental conference, the North American Maritime Ministry (NAMMA) will present its annual Seafarer Salute to ExxonMobil/Sea River Maritime and Lloyd’s List for their contributions to providing for the welfare of seafarers. Previous recipients include Teekay Shipping, Overseas Shipholding Group, Clay Maitland and Richard duMoulin.

Another feature of the day is the launch of an industry-led environment protection organization called North American Marine Environment Protection Association. Consistent with the mission of MEPA’s worldwide, the overall aim of NAMEPA is to increase environmental awareness and motivation of the human element within shipping and land-based industries which have a vested interest in the marine environment.