Amendments to Canada's Collision and Canal Regulations Proposed

OTTAWA: The Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, today announced proposed amendments to the Collision Regulations and the Canal Regulations to ensure consistency with the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 (CSA 2001), which came into effect on July 1, 2007.

“These amendments are part of the bigger plan to modernize the Canada Shipping Act and will help streamline and clarify regulations," said Minister Cannon. "This is an example of how Canada’s New Government is taking action to help the marine community operate in a manner that is safe, efficient and environmentally sound."

On July 1, 2007, the CSA 2001 came into effect, replacing the Canada Shipping Act as the principal legislation governing safety in marine transportation and recreational boating, as well as protection of the marine environment.

More than 100 regulations needed to be reviewed and updated in order to reflect CSA 2001 authorities. Phase one of the regulatory review process will reform regulations that do not align with the CSA 2001, as well as those that have the greatest impact on safety and the environment. Phase two will update regulations that do align with CSA 2001, as well as those that are not critical to the Act’s entry into force.

The proposed amendments to the Collision Regulations and the Canal Regulations are part of the second phase of the CSA 2001 regulatory reform, and are intended to replace and clarify some of the requirements in the existing regulations.

The Collision Regulations provide uniform measures to ensure the safe conduct of vessels. The regulations describe rules of general conduct specific to the navigational, steering and sailing rules; navigational lights and shapes to be displayed; and the sound and light signals to be used by every vessel and pleasure craft in Canadian waters.

The proposed amendments to the Canal Regulations, made pursuant to the Department of Transport Act, are non-substantive. They are proposed to ensure consistency with the title of the Collision Regulations.

The proposed amendments were published in the Canada Gazette, Part I on Saturday, August 11, 2007. A 30-day response period follows, during which interested parties may provide their comments to the department. After consideration of all comments received, Transport Canada will finalize the amendments and publish them in the Canada Gazette,
Part II, at which time they will come into effect.

If you would like more information about the CSA 2001, please visit the Canadian Marine Advisory Council website at http://www.cmac-ccmc.gc.ca.