Seabus International of China adds to their Autoship System Suite

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Canada is pleased to announce that Seabus International of Guangzhou China has recently upgraded their Autoship® and Autohydro® programs to the 2007 releases and to the more advanced Pro versions and have added Autostructure® (internal structural design) to their CAD/CAM suite.

Seabus and its parent company AMD Marine Consulting of Australia (an Autohydro user based in Sydney) specialize in the design of high-speed fast ferries. Their catamaran design capability has set world standards for speed, seakeeping, structural integrity and rugged engineering. The China office provides engineering support for fast ferries being designed for use in the China Seas. They use Autoship for creating the hull form, Autohydro for producing the stability reports and now Autostructure for providing the shipyard with the internal structure drawings. The Seabus naval architects recognized the advantage of using Autostructure in relation to the Autoship hull form because the program will allow them to create bulkheads, stringers, and flanges that fit exactly to the hull. This CAD/CAM approach will reduce construction time and reduce material wastage.

An example of a Seabus derived design completed in Autoship and Autohydro are their three 49m rescue ships. These ships named “Bei Hai Jiu 201”, “Dong Hai Jiu 201” and “Nan Hai Jiu 201” respectively were delivered in2006, running in China seas from south to north. With its excellent characteristics of high speed, seakeeping ability, maneuverability, unsinkability and salvage equipment, it is special designed as the professional fast rescue ship for the Salvage Bureau in the Ministry of Communications of PRC. It can save up to 200 persons in one time.

For more information on Seabus International and AMD Marine Consulting, please go to: http://www.amd.com.au.

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