Current Corporation Launches its New Night Navigator 5000 Ship Mounted Night Vision System

In the spring of 2006, Current Corporation, based in Vancouver, Canada, launched it’s new Night Navigator™ 5000 ship mounted night vision system. The 5000 complements Current’s existing line of thermal and image intensified/day camera systems found on high speed craft, patrol vessels, paramilitary ships and luxury yachts world wide.

Engineered specifically for the yacht market, the 5000’s functionality, ease of use and esthetic appeal were all high priorities with Current’s staff of designers and engineers. With sales in Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the US, Current is excited about the immediate interest this system has generated.

The Night Navigator™ 5000’s standard features include a 26X zoom colour day camera, image intensified night camera, 360 degree continuous azimuth, white marinized housing and a very user-friendly joy stick controller- all at an extremely attractive price point.

With options including stabilization and radar tracking, the Night Navigator™ 5000 is sure to light up the super yacht market.