Bourbon Offshore Norway chooses C-MAP

The offshore Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessel Bourbon Orca, which recently won the "Ship of the Year 2006" award, is just one of the vessels in the Bourbon Offshore Norway's fleet which will be equipped with C-MAP's navigational solutions. Egersund, Norway November 2 November 2006: C-MAP Norway is pleased to announce an agreement to equip with Bourbon Offshore Norway's expanding fleet with C-MAP navigational solutions. According to C-MAP marketing manger Willy Zeiler, C-MAP will provide Bourbon Offshore with C-MAP ProfessionalPlus electronic vector charts and official ENC, which are a part of the C-MAP product portfolio and C-MAP WeatherView™, version 2.0. Zeiler notes that C-MAP's products will be installed on the Bourbon Orca, a revolutionary offshore Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessel that was named "Ship of the Year 2006." "Bourbon Offshore has earned a reputation for working with industry innovators to deliver improved services to their customers," says Zeiler. "We view their interest in C-MAP's navigational service solutions, including C-MAP Weatherview™, as further proof of the quality of our product portfolio." Bjørn Idar Remøy, Operation Director at Bourbon Offshore Norway says that the chart solutions will be especially helpful for the company's vessels operating in extreme weather conditions. "Combining high quality electronic charts and weather overlay is very useful, particularly in the North Sea where weather can play an important role and determine whether an operation will be successful or not," says Remøy. C-MAP will install a variety of navigational services on Bourbon Offshore Norway fleet, including WeatherView™. For a highly sophisticated ship, such as the Bourbon Orca, the WeatherView™ system will help the crew on board define operational weather windows based on their own criteria, which they can enter into the system.