No Pollution Sighted After Tanker Collision in English Channel

On June 9, the government of United Kingdom's Maritime and Coast Guard Agency issued a news release which advised the collision of two vessels about 20 miles south of Shoreham. Both ships were immediately contacted by the Coast Guard and they confirmed the collision. Reportedly, the M/V Willy was in ballast at the time of the incident and they reported minor damage to their midships ballast tank along the upper deck. The M/V Shakhdag also reported minor damage to the main deck on the stern. It was carrying a cargo of about 14,000 metric tons of diesel oil. Both vessels were said to be proceeding under their own power in the wake of the casualty.

A Coast Guard helicopter was dispatched to scan the area for pollution, but reported no leakage from either vessel. UK Coast guard personnel said that they will continue to monitor the affected areas. Additionally, a Maritime and Coast Guard Agency Surveyor was airlifted by the helicopter to the Shakhdag to inspect it and ensure that it was in an appropriate condition to enter Portland to discharge its cargo. The Willy was enroute to a refinery at Stanlow.

UK authorities put their Counter Pollution team on standby and the French Maritime Administration offered their assistance, if needed. The cause of the collision is under investigation.