Bollinger Shipyard Re-Opening Facilities in Louisiana

Today marks sixteen (16) days since the New Orleans region was hit by Hurricane Katrina. The local communities, businesses, and Bollinger Shipyards have all made great progress with the recovery efforts.

This week we have been successful in re-opening Bollinger Quick Repair in Harvey, Bollinger Gretna, and Bollinger Algiers on the river. Ancillary services at each of these yards, such as the Electrical Shop, Machine Shops and Propeller Shop are also back in operation.

These locations have restored power and services, and our employees are returning to work, building our workforce on a daily basis. Today we have 33 of our 40 dry-docks in service.

Telephone and fax, as well as email communications into the New Orleans area are some of our biggest obstacles at this time.

Bollinger continues to maintain an employee hotline for assisting employees with questions on insurance to housing and day to day needs like food and clothing.

As a service to our customers we have started a Customer Hotline to assist their customers with questions and their needs for services. In the event that they cannot get through to their various facilities, they can call the hotline at telephone 985-532-7297.

You may also link to their website at, http://www.bollingershipyards.com, to see the employee and customer updates or contact the
Bollinger corporate headquarters in Lockport, Louisiana, if you have any questions or require any of their services.