Foss Maritime Oil Spill Clean-up Continues at Point Wells

Steve Scalzo, Foss Maritime?s CEO, wasted no time in initiating an aggressive cleanup at Point Wells, near Edmonds, Washington, and apologizing to the Suquamish Tribe and Washington regulators and citizens.

The winds and currents pushed the 4,800 gallons of fuel oil around Puget Sound and onto land owned by the Suquamish Tribe. Coast Guard officials said that the spill could have been much worse, but Foss Maritime reacted extraordinarily fast at containing the spill. The spill has already cost over $1 million.

While Foss is acknowledged for its professional and amazingly quick response, state and federal environmental officials say that the spill clean up could take months, and the effects could last for years.

Mr. Scalzo said that his organization is looking into how the spill occurred and what improvements can be made to ensure that the best practices in handling oil are adopted.