Podcast 55: AEGIR-Marine is Remanufacturing Parts to As-New Standards

Ruud Muis

Published Mar 19, 2024 7:48 PM by The Maritime Executive

In this episode of the In the Know podcast series, TME spoke with AEGIR-Marine chairman Ruud Muis about his firm's new plan to remanufacture marine equipment to as-new specs. It's common enough for shipowners to have their machinery overhauled and returned to serviceable condition, but AEGIR wants to turn used thrusters into class-approved, same-as-new units, ready to install on newbuild vessels. This form of advanced reuse is already a common practice in aviation, and it would reduce the shipowner's costs and lifecycle emissions, he says. With help from Bureau Veritas, the firm is bringing the concept to the maritime industry. For more, listen in on the conversation below. 



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