Health, Safety, Quality, and Environmental Manager

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Published Mar 28, 2022 1:53 PM by The Maritime Executive

Description/Job Summary

The Health, Safety, Quality, and Environmental Manager assists in the development, implementation and maintenance of the company’s Quality, Safety, Security, and Environmental Protection programs. The HSQE Manager reports to the Marine Compliance Manager.


  • Ensures company and vessel compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies.
  • Works with Operations, Human Resources and Insurance departments to identify and remediate health and accident risks. 
  • Assists in the management of the Quality and Safety Management System, and reports on its operation. 
  • Manages the Environmental Protection and Security programs. 
  • Assists in the development and implementation of quality and safety strategies in pursuit of corporate quality, safety, security and environmental goals, monitors progress in achieving those goals, and takes appropriate corrective and preventive actions to ensure the achievement of these goals. 
  • Assist others in understanding and complying with OSHA, ABS, EPA and USCG regulations and standards, including guidance on the preparation, conduct and follow-up for audits, examinations and inspections. 
  • Conducts incident investigations upon the direction of the Vice President and General Counsel. 
  • Assists in identifying hazards, communicating hazard control information and evaluating the effectiveness of the hazard control measures.
  • Assists General Managers with critical safety and health problems. 
  • Review’s accident statistics and makes recommendations for corrections in persistent problem areas. 
  • Assesses new developments in the health, safety, security and environmental protection fields relevant to McAllister operations. 
  • In conjunction with other senior executives, establishes target areas and longrange accident prevention and cost-control objectives. 
  • Acts as a company representative in dealings with regulatory bodies on 
  • Makes recommendations for the acquisition and maintenance of safety equipment, and for the personnel training associated with it. 
  • In cooperation with the Human Resources Department, coordinates and/or directs health, safety, security and environmental protection training for both shore-side and vessel personnel, including the availability and use of appropriate training materials, drills and exercises. 
  • Oversees Technical Libraries and the acquisition and distribution of appropriate technical, safety, security and environmental protection reference materials. 
  • May also service as the Company’s Designated Person Ashore for safety and/or Management Representative for Quality. 
  • Other duties as may be directed by the Marine Compliance Manager.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in maritime field (deck or engine) or equivalent educational/professional background required. 
  • Coast Guard license and TWIC 
  • Prior experience aboard US Flag tugs and ATB 
  • Professional auditor credentials in ISM Auditor and ISO 9001 Lead Auditor and/or class or regulatory vessel inspection experience preferred. 
  • Position requires superior written and oral communication skills 
  • A proven track record of leadership.
  • Superior computer skills, with prior experience in compliance database development.
  • Potential candidates must undergo and pass a comprehensive background check.