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Published Jun 8, 2022 4:40 PM by The Maritime Executive

Maid of the Mist Corporation requires a new generational leader in the form of an Executive Vice President (EVP).

To meet the future objectives of ownership, Maid of the Mist Corporation requires a new generational leader in the form of an Executive Vice President (EVP) to steward its day-today operations. This includes oversight and direction of the marine operations, hotel, marketing, retail, legal, HR and administration functions, with a dotted line of responsibility for finance.

The new EVP will ensure all aspects of the enterprise operate in a safe, smooth and efficient manner. The EVP will lead their team to focus on improving operational efficiencies while maintaining or improving the customer experience. They will mentor and coach younger members of the management team to build the next generation of leaders within the organization while continuing to foster a culture that is courteous and eager to please customers.

The culture of the Maid of the Mist Corporation reflects tradition, variety, change and problem-solving. These inherited traits have developed from operating a seasonal tourist boat attraction within the environmental conditions of the Niagara Gorge. As a result, the EVP position will include a variety of responsibilities from participating in high level decision making, in consideration of or in collaboration with the State of New York, to monitoring the status of the elevators in the observation tower. Regardless, whether it is ensuring the dry dock is in working condition, fine tuning the maintenance plan of customer facilities, engaging the boat captains, or figuring out how to reposition and grow sales and marketing.

The EVP will have specific oversight for each of the following areas:

  • Marine Operations - Ensuring the marine operations function has the support and resources required to operate all vessels in a safe, timely and efficient manner. Currently there are 2 new 600 passenger, zero-emission electric vessels that operate 12 hours per day, 7 days per week. Downtime is not a luxury and therefore proactive maintenance of the vessels is paramount as is a high level of communication with partner ABB (Article Link, Video Link) and the United States Coast Guard. The new EVP will routinely interface with 6 captains, assist in recruiting future captains, ensure all vessels are in working order and service is being delivered at the highest levels possible to customers. 
  • Human Resources - Together with the HR Manager and financial function, establish wages for upcoming seasons through consultation, competitive wage analysis, and budgeting. Ensuring the human resources function has the support and resources required to attract, recruit, develop and retain service-oriented talent.
  • Buildings and Maintenance - Receive and process regular updates, review inspections and checklists. Ensure the buildings and maintenance manager & staff have executed on the direction and plans provided. The new EVP will pay particular and regular attention to the elevators located in the observation tower, responsible for transporting up to 15,000 guests per day. Oversight will include the monitoring of conditions, maintenance agreements and poncho recycling.
  • Sales, Marketing and I.T. - Together with the Vice President of Marketing review budgets, attend creative sessions with outside agencies and ensure ticketing and retail sales are running smoothly. When major software purchases, systems or equipment investments are required, actively monitor and participate when required.
  • Government Relations - Together with the President & CEO, interface with the New York State Park System, developing and monitoring key relationships. Review contract terms, conditions and obligations. 
  • Finance - The finance function within Maid of the Mist Corporation has a dual purpose of serving the needs of its operating entities as well as shareholders. As such, the function will remain reporting to the President & CEO for the foreseeable future. However, the function will have a dotted line of responsibility to the EVP for all operational finances such as operating budgets, forecasts, capital expenditures, profit & loss, etc.

Key Results

  • Within 100 days the new EVP will have a good understanding of Maid of the Mist Corporation’s business model and will have established preliminary working relationships with all direct reports, key staff members and key personnel within the New York State Parks Department. They will have learned about key policies, procedures and the process for decision making within Maid of the Mist Corporation. 
  • Within 12 months, the EVP has fully grasped the business, identified areas for efficiency and service improvement, and shared these with the President & CEO for consideration. The EVP will have developed good working relationships with their managers and key staff members. All operations within the Maid of the Mist are running in a safe, timely and service oriented manner.
  • Within 24 months, the EVP has developed the organization, resulting in improved interdepartmental communication and team alignment.
  • On an ongoing basis, the EVP will be responsible for attaining improvements in the efficiency of all operations and customer service. They will successfully move the team towards the annual and long-term strategic goals of the corporation.


Candidates will have prior experience managing a team with diverse functions (captains, HR, facilities, etc.) within a leadership role employing best practices in corporate management.

Experience - There is flexibility regarding the prior experience needed in this role as cultural fit, emotional intelligence and personality are of primary importance. However, a background in marine operations, tourist attractions or the hospitality sectors would be of high interest. Regardless of the industry sector, candidates will have prior experience managing a team with diverse functions (captains, HR, facilities, etc.) within a leadership role employing best practices in corporate management. They will have excelled at building good teams and will be battle tested by problems they have successfully solved.

Skills - Qualified candidates will have leadership skills and whereby they have led an organization where diverse tasks were involved, strategies, and long-term vision. The EVP will be collaborative and inclusive in their leadership style, requesting input, listening to the opinions of others, and considering those opinions. Ideally, candidates will have prior successful P&L management experience and will be financially astute.

Competencies - Customer centric, honesty, integrity, selfless, caring, kind, diplomatic, enterprising, empathetic, approachable, humble, respectful, patient, doer, loyal, strategic, detailed, collaborative and service oriented.

Education, Training and Language Proficiency - A bachelor’s degree in a technical or business discipline is preferred along with an advanced degree such as an MBA. Ideal candidates will have a track record of continuing education based on best practices in their industries and may be proficient in a foreign language.

For more information please visit the following link: http://maritimeexecutivesearch.com/PDF/Maid-of-the-Mist-Profile-042022-FINAL.pdf