VIKAND Introduces New Solutions for Crew and Passenger Wellbeing


Published Oct 1, 2019 5:00 PM by VIKAND

At this year's SeaTrade Europe show, global maritime healthcare solutions leader VIKAND introduced new technologies targeting key health and wellbeing issues onboard vessels. 

VIKAND is well informed of the challenges that face the maritime industry at large and works tirelessly to develop and source the best technological solutions. Three new technologies introduced by VIKAND target key challenges for maintaining passenger and crewmember health and comfort. 

Protecting Against Foodborne Illness  

In the closed environment of a ship, viruses that cause foodborne illness are more easily transmitted person-to-person. VIKAND has the medical experience to detect the best solutions to manage potential outbreaks. By introducing PathSpot to the maritime industry, the company is working with ship owners to stop foodborne illnesses at the source – food handler’s handwashing behaviors. PathSpot is an innovative hands-free technology used to detect bacteria and validate hand washing to enforce the most hygienic practices and to reduce cross contamination. With success already in the US food-service industry, VIKAND hopes to introduce the same technology to the maritime industry.

FDA Approved, 100% Natural Air-Purification and Air-Decontamination  

VIKAND’s Hygensea solution is a revolutionary FDA-approved air purification technology designed to remove airborne pathogens and toxins which could be harmful to guests and crew aboard ships.  The technology also helps purify air in public spaces while eliminating unpleasant odors that could linger in the environment. This technology has been highly effective, improving air quality and reducing tobacco smoke in onboard casinos, resulting in a significant reduction of smoke-related complaints and increased revenues for major cruise lines.

Proactive Bed Bug Prevention

Avoiding bed bugs is challenging on ships and in remote locations where there are many guests and high crew turnover. Periodic, preventative inspections using innovative technology solutions is the best way to detect infestations in their initial stages when they are easiest to control. Visual inspections can be supplemented by using various monitoring devices to capture and reveal bed bugs that may have been overlooked by occupants and staff. VIKAND has partnered with state-of-the-art Swedish technologies Nattaro Safe and Nattaro Scout to combat the growing issue of bed bugs around the world. Each product is scientifically designed to either prevent, eliminate or detect bed bugs. As the exclusive maritime distributor of these products, VIKAND brings this solution to assist the industry in providing a clean environment for passengers and crew thus reducing correlating healthcare issues and consequential challenges.

“With the cruise industry gaining visibility and popularity, we have a unique opportunity to introduce new technologies that can greatly impact and enhance the guest experience,” said Peter Hult, CEO of VIKAND. “Our team of specialized medical professionals know which products and services best suit cruise consumers and cruise lines - facilitating access to quality and cost-effective solutions.”  

Additionally, as the leading medical management provider to the cruise industry, VIKAND offers a range of healthcare service options, including proprietary healthcare solutions, a comprehensive biomedical and X-ray program, case and claims management, medical escorting and a customized wellness program for crew maintenance and loss prevention. With a comprehensive third party medical management solution, VIKAND can take care of all situations related to medical operations and protocols, leaving ship operators with a sense of security in the knowledge that the ship's medical facility is in the best possible hands.

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