Single Source for Engineered Engine Room Ventilation

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Published Nov 18, 2020 12:45 PM by Delta "T" Systems

When boats are repowered, the functional heart of the vessel is updated. Refitting with modern air controls is critical to ensure optimal engine performance and safe and comfortable working conditions. Delta "T" Systems offers a complete range of standard and custom products to achieve peak machinery operation, plus the engineering to design the entire system from intake to exhaust. It is the single source owners and boatyards need for their refit projects.

As outside air is drawn into the engine space, it has a higher than desired humidity. Uniquely designed Delta "T" Systems Moisture Eliminators extract mist and corrosion-inducing salt. Louvered closures have a hidden integrated damper, while marine vent grilles are completely passive. All are available to fit requirements for a small yacht to a large commercial vessel.

A-60 rated marine fire dampers

In the event of a fire, the advanced A-60 Rated Marine Fire Damper provides failsafe lockdown operation. Similarly, weather closures and rectangular and round dampers remotely shut-off ventilation when desired.

Air is moved within the vessel via any number of fans. Delta "T" Systems offers centrifugal blowers and fans, for AC and DC axial and inline duct applications. Each is designed from the ground-up for marine use, not simply a repurposed industrial product.

Fans and adjustable vents are regulated by pioneering Delta "T" Systems AC and DC Control Systems. Models range from basic rheostats to state-of-the-art fully automatic versions to cover virtually any application.

Delta "T" Systems innovative Head Vent System uses a single high-performance blower to extract air from up to four separate toilet compartments. Fully automatic, the system is quiet and compact to fit into existing designs.

Dinak modular dry exhaust system

Finally, engine combustion is off-vented through Dinak modular dry exhaust. Unlike traditional welded black pipe, the insulated stainless steel sections fit together with a unique engineered clamping system. This makes it 70 percent lighter and faster and easier to install. Delta "T" Systems is the exclusive Dinak representative for North, Central and South America.

The global leader in engine room ventilation for commercial, military and recreational boats, Delta "T" Systems products are made in the USA. They meet all expected type approval needs and have been installed on over 18,000 vessels worldwide.

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