Simplifying Questionnaire Management

AXSQ was released by AXSMarine for the shipping community and it will be free to all who use it

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A new standard has hit the water

Most people involved in the vessel approval process get frustrated at the inefficiency of the current questionnaire and document management workflow between stakeholders. AXSMarine's newest platform, AXSQ, addresses this very problem. It removes the need to maintain your own internal vessel database, streamlines the communication between stakeholders and provides multiple innovations and additional functionalities. 

And that's not all! AXSQ is free of charge and it will remain so.

Helping the shipping community

A person’s time is one of those unquantifiable assets. AXSMarine was born in the dotcom boom and will be celebrating its 20th birthday in 2020. The company’s success has been built on providing software solutions which fix time-consuming work processes and error-prone manual operations. This can only be done by listening closely to one’s customers. AXSQ has been developed with the same business ethos and is an innovative platform which will free up people’s time, allowing them to concentrate on running their business, be it owning, managing, commercially operating, broking or chartering ships.

The response to an industry-wide challenge

In the words of AXSMarine Business Development Director, Duncan Halliday:

"AXSMarine cares for the shipping community. AXSQ provides a way for the industry to save time and energy through innovation and use of technology, streamlining a workflow which is currently too cumbersome for multiple stakeholders. I have seen firsthand the number of e-mails exchanged between the stakeholders involved in the vessel approval process. The e-mails quite often have numerous certificate attachments that are data heavy. This is not an efficient use of resources! AXSQ provides a single source from which all the stakeholders can view the most up-to-date documentation. To facilitate the change in the way people work, is why we have made AXSQ free of charge to the shipping community. "

20 years in the shipping industry

Established in 2000, AXSMarine has developed a multitude of tools for the Dry, Tanker and Liner shipping sectors. AXSQ is the latest in a long line of innovations and is released free of charge as a celebration for the company's 20th anniversary. AXSQ was the driver which won AXSMarine the IBJ Best Marine IT Solution award in November 2019. 

This addition to the company's portfolio allows the user to use the industry standard vessel questionnaires which are digitised within AXSQ. Then, from a source vessel description, new questionnaires required for the vessel approval process are created at the click of a button. Manual data entry is minimized, with each filled-in questionnaire facilitating the faster and automated creation of the next one.

AXSQ is a multi-purpose platform, including file management functionalities, as well as options for offline and email utilization to communicate with the vessel's captain. And because it uses cloud computing, you can use AXSQ anywhere in the world. Naturally, you are in full control over where and how your data is saved, who can administer it and who can use it.

AXSQ was designed with transparency, traceability and compliance in mind, granting you a full history of each vessel for an easier audit process. Different roles and rights can be assigned through multiple administration layers which means access to sensitive data is on a need-to-know basis.

Join the AXSQ community now, further details about AXSQ can be found here

About AXSMarine

Founded in 2000, AXSMarine is a global provider of online software solutions to the international shipping industry and is trusted by more than 10,000 users worldwide. Its software solutions deliver remarkable efficiency to commercial chartering processes in Dry, Tanker, and Containership chartering. These products provide a suite of modules, which allow shipping executives to fully analyse their commercial and operational activities. All web-based, services are accessible from any computer, anywhere; without additional downloads or installation. AXSMarine online tools are secure, fast and easy to use. With AXSMarine, professionals work faster, manage more efficiently and plan better. The company is headquartered in Paris, France and operates offices in London, Singapore, Sofia and Stamford, CT. To find out more, please visit: www.axsmarine.com

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