Safebridge Releases Free COVID-19 Online Training for Seafarers

Credit: Safebridge

Published Apr 11, 2020 7:50 PM by Safebridge

Safebridge releases free COVID-19 online training for seafarers as part of the #BeSafe Campaign launched to alleviate the adverse impact of the pandemic on the maritime industry and to ensure the welfare of seafarers.

As a second initiative of the #BeSafe Campaign, Safebridge combined its educational expertise with the official recommendations issued by the World Health Organisation to produce a series of free online training videos aimed at educating seafarers on the means of preventing the spread of COVID-19. All training videos are publicly accessible for viewing on the official YouTube channel of Safebridge.

Part 1 - How to stop COVID-19 from coming onboard

Part 2 - Precautions to avoid spreading COVID-19 on the ship

Part 3 - The myths about COVID-19

Part 4 - False rumours about COVID-19 

Part 5 - When and how to use facemasks 

As a major part of this initiative, Safebridge also plans to release a more comprehensive training package along with an examination and digital certification in week 4 of April. This package will include the existing training videos and will also cover the full information outlined in the IMO Circular No.4204/Add4. Any company in the maritime industry will be able to access and assign this course to their crew and provide them with the associated certificate upon completion free of charge. Companies that do not presently have a Safebridge account and wish to have the COVID-19 training and digital certification once released, may submit their request on the official campaign landing page starting from today.

The training will also be made available by default to 170,000+ seafarers who have an account registered with Safebridge.

About #BeSafe Campaign

On March 26th, Safebridge announced the launch of the #BeSafe Campaign. Under the first initiative, the company released EUR 100,000 worth of its online training licenses free of charge for those in need. Since that day, more than 300 training licenses have been claimed by companies and individuals in over 30 countries affected by the pandemic. This initiative is still in progress, and anyone in need can claim their free training here

Due to the increasingly high importance of protecting the welfare of seafarers and the ongoing adverse effects of the pandemic on the maritime industry, Safebridge intends to release additional initiatives over the next few weeks. To stay updated on further releases, please monitor www.safebridge.net/besafe for associated announcements.


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