New AXSMarine Tool Helps Users Visualize CO2 Emissions and CII


Published Mar 21, 2023 10:24 AM by AXSMarine

AXSMarine, a pioneer and market leader in the provision of advanced solutions for shipping professionals, continues its mission to help the shipping industry stay compliant with IMO2023 GHG regulations.

Last year, the company released a CO2 emissions calculator while also integrating CO2, EEOI and AER estimating capabilities in their Smart Calculator. Furthermore, the Voyage Estimator tool in the AXSDry platform was developed to also calculate CO2 costs per voyage, alignment deltas, CII and CII ratings.

AXSMarine’s latest release comes in the form of an interactive dashboard in AXSInsights. It provides users with CO2 Emissions data for the Dry Bulk fleet through proprietary speed and consumption curves combined with a decade worth of Trade Flows data. The Emissions Dashboard also estimates CII, CII Rating, and EEOI for a single vessel or the entire fleet on current and historical voyages. 



“With IMO2023 in effect, staying ahead of the competition and within the latest regulations is one of the top challenges facing employees in the industry,” said Jacques Goudchaux, CEO at AXSMarine. “Our CII Rating and CO2 Emissions Dashboard is designed to specifically address this.”

The extensive data behind it provides unprecedented insights into the impact the fleet has on the environment. Users are thus able to take quick and informed decisions in order to stay within IMO guidelines when either selecting a vessel for a voyage or analyzing the impact of any fleet segment on the market.

“Thanks to our dashboard’s interactivity, everyone will be able to perform sharp CO2, CII and EEOI estimations relevant to their specific business needs through our unique and accurate Methodology,” added Jacques.

Founded in 2000, AXSMarine is a global provider of online software solutions to the international shipping industry employed by more than 18,000 users worldwide. Its software solutions address commercial chartering processes in Dry, Tanker, and Containership chartering. The products provide a suite of modules, which allow shipping executives to fully analyze their commercial and operational activities. All web-based, services are accessible from any computer, anywhere; without additional downloads or installation. The company is headquartered in Paris, France, and has a presence in the UK, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Singapore, UAE, and USA.

This article is sponsored by ASXMarine. Further details about AXSMarine’s latest CO2 and CII solutions are available at https://public.axsmarine.com/co2emissions-and-cii

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