Michigan Start-Up Revolutionizing Recreational Boating

Hercules Electric Marine

Published Jan 30, 2023 1:12 PM by Hercules Electric Marine

Hercules Electric Mobility has set its sights on delivering high-performance electric propulsion to the recreational and light commercial boating industry. The Michigan-based company is on pace to start delivering initial electric propulsion systems for its marine customer base as early as this summer.

“We started this company to do our part in preserving our collective marine environments while providing clean and quiet fun to the consumer,” said Hercules Electric Mobility's Founder and CEO, James Breyer. “Hercules is on a mission to displace over 100 million tons of CO2! This will take place over the next five years of production and 20,000+ electric power trains installed with our marine OEM partners. Doing our part to reduce the 1.5 billion gallons of fuel that recreational boats use every year.”

Marine manufacturers enjoy the thought and ease of Hercules’ system architecture, which is truly a plug-and-play application. The systems were designed from the ground up with the best-in-class components and parts available in the automotive industry. Hercules has integrated, tested, and deployed several demo vehicles in the past 18 months in preparation for full production. The compact motor drive system can be installed in the hull of nearly any inboard or sterndrive configured vessels, redeeming lost real estate on new boats like pontoons, runabouts, day cruisers, or yachts where open space is so important.

Consumers ordering their first luxury electric boat will experience a breath of fresh air with the lack of fumes and maintenance typically associated with boating. There are significantly fewer parts to go wrong with the Hercules electric drive system and if a replacement is required, simply disconnect a few points and remount. The experience is surreal, and while comparable to sailing with only the sounds of the wind and the waves as you cruise along, it has all the convenience of powerboating.

In short order, Hercules electric drives can provide power to boats from 10HP to over 250HP with simple configurations to its software systems at the time of installation. This is truly a software defined electric drive and it even boasts several delightful features for boating enthusiasts. For fishing, there is a precision troll mode where the pilot can select a precise RPM to deliver the exact trolling speed, the species of sportfish being pursued. For the watersports enthusiast, there is a tow-sports mode to give the maximum amount of torque, giving tow-sports a great hole shot. For performance enthusiasts, Hercules has developed a “turbo” like mode to deliver maximum peak power for a burst of high-speed exhilaration that a traditional gas engine just can’t deliver, and with peak power ratings nearing 500HP, that’s true excitement on the water.

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