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Published May 7, 2024 12:37 PM by Damen Marine Components


In the vast expanse of maritime industries, efficiency and precision are paramount. Whether navigating the bustling waterways of trade or charting courses through the open sea, every vessel relies on the reliability and innovation of its components. Damen Marine Components (DMC) is a global leader dedicated to enhancing marine performance through cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to excellence.

DMC designs and manufactures a range of premium systems that are vital for a vessel’s performance, no matter in which market it is active: short sea, fishery, dredging, defense and security, inland navigation, or yachting. With its global support service network, DMC can quickly respond to needs, no matter where a ship is located.

DMC has over 150 years of experience as a supplier in the maritime industry. It designs and manufactures rudders, steering gear, nozzles, control and monitoring systems, and winches. DMC has three production locations, one in the Netherlands, one in Gdansk, Poland, and one in Jianying, China. Most products are built in-house to ensure the highest quality and short communication lines.

Energy-Saving Systems: Sustainability Efficiency

DMC invests in continuous product development, aiming to deliver incremental improvements in its range of Energy Saving Devices. It has a particular focus on equipment below the waterline, where reductions in water resistance can deliver serious environmental and economic benefits.

For example, DMC has developed low-drag and high-lift rudder profiles by using advanced materials. A rudder with a twisted leading edge exploits the propeller swirl to recover parts of the rotational losses and therefore allows for very low resistance. Fuel savings of up to 3 percent can be realized. In addition, less wear on components leads to efficiency gains of up to 5 percent. The use of rudder bulbs, in combination with corresponding propeller hub cap arrangements, can further reduce the losses in the propeller hub vortices.



A rudder system for every vessel type

Navigating the complexities of the global waters demands unparalleled precision and control. DMC understands the critical role that rudder systems play in ensuring the safety and maneuverability of vessels in all conditions. That is why DMC has dedicated itself to engineering rudder solutions that deliver uncompromising performance and reliability. For medium to high-speed vessels, such as containerships and frigates, DMC’s full spade rudder systems with Atlantic profile are the industry standard. While its Master profile rudders are ideal for dredging and fishing vessels to enable high maneuverability, Flap rudder types, e.g. ‘Timon’ and ‘Barke,’ provide the best performance for both maneuvering and course stability.

Backed by extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and real model testing, DMC’s rudder systems are trusted by shipbuilders and operators worldwide to deliver exceptional performance across a broad spectrum of applications.

Reliable Steering Systems

DMC’s steering systems are engineered to deliver unparalleled precision and reliability, enabling vessels to traverse the seas with confidence and ease. Whether it is a simple mechanical linkage or a sophisticated hydraulic system, DMC offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern maritime operations.

Its Piston-type steering system (RAM-type) is designed for single-rudder operation. The two double-acting cylinders ensure reliability and durability. When one of the cylinders malfunctions, 50 percent of the capacity remains available. This maintenance-friendly configuration is easy to install on a single adjustable foundation plate and is therefore suitable for coasters and seagoing commercial vessels, among others.

The Rotary Vane is the powerhouse among the steering gear and is, fully standardized, and available with a torque range of 30 up to 1,600 kNm. This top model consists of an integrated tiller and cylinder and generates an equally high torque at all steering angles. The Rotary Vane is often used on oceangoing vessels and super yachts, making it a top-class steering system.



Elevate Operations with DMC Winches

Navigate the seas with confidence, knowing that DMC’s winches are designed to excel in several heavy-duty applications. Whether it is anchoring, towing, or handling heavy loads, DMC winches are engineered to deliver optimal performance, every time. With a focus on versatility and durability, our winch solutions are trusted by maritime professionals worldwide to tackle the toughest challenges at sea.



Anchors & Chains

Damen Anchor and Chain Factory (AKF) is a subsidiary of DMC. Its anchors and chains are designed with precision and built to withstand the toughest conditions at sea. Whether you need anchors for large vessels or chains for offshore installations, DMC offers a diverse selection of products to suit your needs. DMC has a large stock in Rotterdam and can deliver directly from China. All its anchors and chains are certified by all the major classification societies. 


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