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Published May 18, 2020 1:37 PM by Safebridge

Safebridge announces the launch of SafeLearn for Business, a new solution which allows companies and training providers in the maritime industry to host their internal and external training online via the SafeLearn LMS

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the associated governmental and social distancing restrictions have forced companies offering classroom-based training services to close their doors to the general public. The adverse operating circumstances have put businesses around the world into a real survival mode, and seafarers now face limited access to continue their training and development plans.  

This new reality has forced a crash course for businesses to explore the immediate implementation of online learning plans and technology as a means of further sustaining their services. Despite the global standstill, the demand for training persists, and digitalisation has now become paramount in addressing it. 

With more than 25 years of experience in the e-learning sector, Safebridge owns and operates a successful online training platform called SafeLearn LMS. The platform delivers a modern e-learning alternative to the classroom-based training, and more than 170,000 seafarers have benefited from its use to date. Just recently, Safebridge has completed the BeSafe campaign, which saw hundreds of free training licenses claimed by individuals and companies affected by the pandemic. 

Through SafeLearn for Business, Safebridge is now offering the opportunity for businesses to transform and host their training digitally on the SafeLearn LMS platform. In doing so, Safebridge allows companies to pivot against the adverse operating conditions and take the full advantage of e-learning at a fraction of the cost. 

SafeLearn for Business is suitable for hosting both internal and external training of any company, while also offering full web-based access to manage, assign and administer their courses with ease. Moreover, companies may also enter an agreement and sell their hosted training through the Safebridge online shop, giving them direct access to thousands of potential and targeted customers. In both cases Safebridge is offering competitive and flexible payment plans based on the number of active users allowing training providers to easily scale based on the demand. 

Companies wishing to take advantage of this service presently have two options to proceed. If their training is ready and available in a digital format, it will be uploaded directly into the SafeLearn LMS. Alternatively, Safebridge offers a competitive package with full access to its team of professional nautical authors who will create the content on your behalf.  

Join SafeLearn free live webinar on the 26th of May at 12:00 PM EEST (Eastern European Summer Time, UTC+03:00) to learn how SafeLearn for Business can help your company pivot against the currently adverse operating conditions. For more information and registration please click here

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