Become the Master of Your Own Analysis

AXSMarine API Hub helps you identify and understand the shipping patterns that matter to you

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In the digital era of modern-day shipping, the proper implementation of an application program interface (API) is a business imperative.

AXSMarine is proactively addressing its customers' ever evolving needs. That’s how AXSMarine API Hub was born - a software-to-software interface enabling applications to communicate quickly and securely with each other, without the need of one's supervision.

Cutting-edge tech for the shipping community

Delivered by AXSMarine API Hub. This latest addition to the company’s extensive portfolio provides a seamless API integration to capitalize on several core benefits: full interoperability, advanced integration, data security, analysis customization and workflow optimization.

AXSMarine API Hub is an entirely online solution that allows access to all-in-one interconnected modules delivering up-to-date raw data. It eliminates any time and side-consuming limitations through one-click integration and data injection into various systems. Users get full control of aggregated data, including the ability to set up auto-population of raw data feeds, eliminating the need of tedious manual updates.

AXSMarine API Hub includes the company's recently introduced Trade Flows Web Services, in addition to many other APIs to get the best of AXSMarine Data into various analytics. 

Why AXSMarine API Hub?

AXSMarine API Hub guarantees the best performance and highest level of safety. It provides shipping professionals, commodity and financial analysts an access to multiple layers of data, including integration between our proprietary data and their own raw data. 

AXSMarine API Hub gives one the edge when performing in-depth analysis. It helps users to understand the shipping patterns and become masters of their own analysis.

Who can benefit from API?

AXSMarine API Hub will enable processes optimization between business and IT teams for many experts such as:

• Shipbrokers
• Chartering managers
• Freight managers
• Market researchers and analysts
• Commodity traders

Learn more about this must-have solution at www.axsmarine.com

About AXSMarine 

Founded in 2000, AXSMarine is a global provider of online software solutions to the international shipping industry and is trusted by more than 10,000 users worldwide. Its software solutions deliver remarkable efficiency to commercial chartering processes in Dry, Tanker, and Containership chartering. These products provide a suite of modules, which allow shipping executives to fully analyse their commercial and operational activities. All web-based, services are accessible from any computer, anywhere; without additional downloads or installation. AXSMarine online tools are secure, fast and easy to use. With AXSMarine, professionals work faster, manage more efficiently and plan better. The company is headquartered in Paris, France and operates offices in London, Singapore, Sofia and Stamford, CT. 


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