Zentech Awarded Basic Engineering Contract by Jana Marine Services

Zentech Inc.

Published Dec 11, 2023 9:20 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Zentech]

Houston-based marine engineering firm, Zentech Inc., has been awarded a basic design engineering contract for two (2) self-elevating Jack-up Barge vessels, the Jana 506 and the Jana 507 by Jana Marine Services (JMS), a leading marine offshore services company in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Zentech Z-210 Type-C design will be used for the construction of these two (2) Self Propelled, Self-Elevating Jack-up Barge vessels.

Zentech will perform the basic design engineering of these vessels which will include all basic engineering details and drawings allowing JMS to build the rig(s) in its shipyard of choice. The design will include Hull, Living Quarters, Helideck, Cranes, Thrusters, Legs, and Spud Cans. The basic engineering design will meet the Oil major specifications.

In addition, the basic engineering design will be approved by and built to the Class Society of American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) rules and specifications and will be classed as a (?A1, Self- elevating Unit, ?, ? AMS, CRC, Accommodation Service, CPS, UWILD, HELIDK, PMP, ENVIRO, SMART (INF, SHM, MHM), IDM-A, or equivalent) vessel.

“Zentech was selected for their rich, 45+ years of expertise in Jack-up Rig Designs and their strong commitment to being our partners of strength in delivering exceptional and innovative solutions to our clients. Their design capabilities are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance, which aligns perfectly with our vision to provide state-of-the-art solutions to our stakeholders in the industry. This award marks a pivotal step in our ongoing efforts to elevate our offerings and ensure continuous improvement in all our services and assets. We are excited about the possibilities this collaboration holds for setting new standards in the industry”, said Mr. Mohammed Alsubaie, CEO of Jana Marine Services.

“We are very excited to work with Jana Marine Services, a respected and strong player in the oil and gas service market in the Middle East in general and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular on this project and, potentially, on their future projects. We have always dedicated ourselves to our strong culture of putting our customers first and providing them with innovative engineering solutions and this venture will be no different. Through this award, we hope to position ourselves as an important strategic partner of Jan Marine Services and we see a bright future for both of our companies,” said Ramesh Maini, CEO of Zentech Incorporated.

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