Yara Marine Successfully Delivered Multi Engine Inlet,Inline Scrubber System

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By MarEx 2016-09-06 15:29:12

As the first exhaust gas cleaning company in the world, Yara Marine Technologies has successfully delivered, commissioned and certified a multi engine inlet, inline SOx scrubber system for two of Hyundai Heavy Industries operating LPG vessels, Yara Kara and Yara Nauma.

The unique Yara multi inlet scrubber system built at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in Korea, has already received the IAPP and MEG G certificate from DNV-GL and the exhaust gas cleaning company has also filed for a patent on the new technology.

The two already operating vessels are equipped with two scrubbers serving the three diesel generator engines (1.32MW*900rpm each) and a Main Engine (ME) 7.62(MW*115rpm), where one scrubber is connected to the ME and the last scrubber is connected to the three auxiliary engine exhaust system, – successfully cleaning Sulphur Oxide down to the strictest IMO 0,1% ECA requirement.

According to Yara Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Kai Latun, no other exhaust gas cleaning company has this technology certified from DNV-GL and working on operating ships today. “Yara Marine is the first exhaust gas cleaning company to get DNV-GL certification on the multi inlet, inline scrubber system, and we are also the only company to have completed successful commissioning of two ships that are now already in operation”, Mr. Latun explains.

 “Naturally we are extremely pleased with this important product development the company has made as space requirements are of huge concerns to all ship-owners, and by successfully connecting 3 engines to one inline scrubber system much needed space is cleared and can be put to use in more efficient ways”, Mr. Latun concludes.

In addition to the unique multi inlet scrubber system, Yara Kara and Yara Nauma are also testaments to Yara’s unique position in the marine exhaust gas cleaning market as a complete abatement specialist, demonstrating on these operating ships their capabilities to also successfully run a dual SOx and NOx cleaning operation as the first company in the world.

Later in the autumn a third sister vessel will also be completed with the same technical specifications.

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