World Direct Shipping Selects CR Ocean Engineering


Published Jul 19, 2022 9:41 PM by The Maritime Executive


After a lengthy procurement cycle where multiple proposals were considered, WORLD DIRECT SHIPPING selected CR OCEAN ENGINNERING, LLC. as the preferred scrubbing system supplier for their M/V Queen B III.  The procurement was conducted primarily through the shipping company’s technical office in Northern Europe and concluded with contract signature in April 2022.  This is now the third project that CR OCEAN ENGINEERING will complete for the company.  Previous scrubbers were supplied by CR OCEAN ENGINEERING for the company’s Queen B and Queen B II vessels.
Although present fuel pricing differential favors using scrubbers, the primary reason for this selection is the comfort in using HFO as a known and reliable fuel. This move allows WORLD DIRECT SHIPPING to continue using HFO while meeting the strict IMO/MARPOL regulations and safeguarding the environment.  This CROE MULTISTREAM scrubber will remove about 5 Tons per day of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) emissions from the combined exhaust from the main engine plus 3 auxiliary engines.   In addition to greatly reducing the SO2 emissions hence contributing to reduction of acid rain, several studies have now shown that scrubbers also reduce the larger airborne particles and, in conjunction with HFO, have a carbon footprint that is significantly smaller than when using low sulfur fuels such as VLSFO and MGO.

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