WISTA International's Mid-Term Meeting & Conference Champions Connectivity

WISTA International
WISTA ExCo at Mid-Term Conference

Published Apr 22, 2024 11:38 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: WISTA International]

After a successful mid-term meeting of the ExCo (Executive Committee) of WISTA International, today, the Women's International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) holds its Mid-Term Conference with the theme "We Are All Connected in Shipping." Hosted and organised by WISTA Türkiye, this pivotal event brings together industry leaders, experts and stakeholders to explore the interconnectedness of the global shipping sector and advocate for greater diversity and inclusion.

In her opening speech, Elpi Petraki, President of WISTA International, emphasised the organisation's dedication to advocating for its members and the broader maritime, trading, and logistics community. She highlighted WISTA's proactive engagement in pivotal International Maritime Organization (IMO) meetings, such as the recent Joint ILO/IMO Tripartite Working Group (JTWG), focusing on enhancing the safety of women seafarers and addressing issues of sexual assault and harassment at sea. Additionally, she reaffirmed WISTA's commitment to participating in high-level discussions and initiatives concerning the future of employment within these industries, ensuring that women's involvement and empowerment are integral to decision-making processes.

WISTA International, with over 5000 members in 59 countries, represents a diverse range of industry professionals, including ship owners, operators, mariners, traders, logistics and port executives, legal and finance experts, engineers, government officials and seafarers. Emphasising the importance of diversity, Petraki remarked, "In today's global marketplace, evolution is critical for optimal performance and the best way to achieve greater innovation is through diversity of thought."

The conference agenda encompasses key areas affecting the industry, beginning with insightful keynote speeches by Mr. Tamer Kiran, the Turkish Chamber of Shipping Chairman, and Ms. Mariana Noceti from the Technical Cooperation Division of the IMO. The day's discussions will delve into pressing topics such as the impact of sanctions on shipping, the EU Emission Trade Scheme, technology utilisation onboard and ashore, and the role of Istanbul as an arbitration centre.

The panel sessions will be moderated throughout the conference by distinguished industry figures, including Prof. Dr Ahmet Samim Unan, Mr. Cihan Ergenc, Mr. Levent Sen, and Ms. Nazli Selek. These sessions will feature esteemed panellists from various sectors, offering diverse perspectives and insights into the maritime industry's challenges and opportunities.

In addition to fostering dialogue and knowledge sharing, WISTA International is championing its pledge for diversity and inclusion within the maritime sector. The pledge calls on industry stakeholders to embrace diversity of thought, champion equal opportunity and pay, confront implicit bias, and promote gender-neutral practices in recruitment and evaluation. It invites all industry stakeholders to take their pledge; together, we can work towards a more equitable and prosperous maritime sector.

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