Why Mentoring at Sea Matters in the Latest The Navigator

The Navigator-June 2017

By The Maritime Executive 06-07-2017 10:20:34

The Nautical Institute is focusing on the vital subject of mentoring in the latest edition of The Navigator.

This issue explores how mentoring can, and has, enhanced careers and best practice. Author of The Nautical Institute’s publication Mentoring at sea – the 10 minute challenge, Captain Andre Le Goubin, contributes an article on how mentoring complements training and why the tradition must be continued. To encourage others to engage in practical mentoring, The Nautical Institute is asking readers to share their stories by emailing navigator@nautinst.org  

Emma Ward, Editor of The Navigator, said: "Life works better when we all pull together, and life at sea is no exception. Being able to share and benefit from each other’s knowledge for the good of the entire crew is a wonderful thing and should be encouraged. That is why we are focusing on this important topic in this issue of The Navigator.”

David Patraiko, Director of Projects for The Nautical Institute, added: “Mentoring at sea doesn’t just improve safety and better commercial services, it also improves life on board. This simple act of kindness can reduce social isolation, help overcome language and cultural barriers and generally improve your working and living environment.”

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