Vikand & DasLab Partner to Expedite Testing and Return to Service

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Published Oct 22, 2020 8:34 PM by The Maritime Executive

Maritime medical and public health  service provider, Vikand, and COVID-19 mitigator, DasLab—an advanced lab testing facilitator, announce  their partnership to bring a global end-to-end COVID-19 testing solution for the maritime industry and to  support efforts to return to healthy and safe cruising. 

The Vikand/DasLab alliance provides quick, effective COVID-19 testing solutions for at home and  terminal testing as per return-to-service recommendations. Leveraging the most current, best-in-class  testing technology with a proven data-protected tracking application platform, the partnership provides  much needed, rapid results.  

Daniel Fallscheer, CCO of DasLab, comments, “Our amalgamated technologies paired with the strength  of our systems and medical staffs mean a reduction in the risk of COVID-19 infections. From pre-travel  testing to mass rapid testing in terminals and airports with data management, the result is peace of  mind when travelling,” he adds. 

Guests and crew will be tested 72 hours before departure—or as per cruise line requirements before  departure—via a lab network available within easy travel from their home within Europe—technologies  and guidelines for the U.S. are underway. At embarkation points, a secondary PCR test can be administrated to ensure the safest environment for guests, crew, and the ship. 

“Our combined objective is to provide efficient testing, in-depth logistical support and health services for the safety of the global cruise industry, its guests and crew. As technology continues to rapidly  evolve, we are committed together with our partners to use superlative, groundbreaking tests,” says  Peter Hult, Vikand CEO. 

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