Veth Propulsion Delivers Z-Drives to Eddy Tug 24-75

veth propulsion

By MarEx 2015-11-17 10:50:39

At the exhibition Europort Rotterdam Veth Propulsion has signed a contract with Holland Shipyard for the delivery of two VZ-1800 Hybrid Drives, executed with an inline E-motor opposite from the Mitsubishi diesel engine for maximum performance, and generator sets for the new build Eddy tug 24-75.

This Hybrid Harbor Tug will be named after a soccer club in Ijmuiden, Telstar. Jim Iskes’ (Telstar’s new owner) favorite club. Iskes Towage & Salvage and Veth Propulsion are no strangers to each other. Martin van der Jagt indicates that he is pleased that Jim Iskes is the one who ordered this tug, because of the already constructive cooperation between Veth and Iskes. Telstar will be the fourth Iskes tug, which will be equipped with Veth Z-drives.

It is a completely new concept design with a slender hull form and thrusters in the center for high stability and fuel efficiency. It is built on the concept of Eddy Tug 1, but will have more Bollard Pull. With regards to the tug market, Veth Propulsion developed an optimized nozzle, the so called VOB-50, which allows the Telstar to realize 75 tons Bollard Pull. Telstar is an environmentally friendly tug with a hybrid propulsion system, which is due to be delivered in May 2016.

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