Valvtect Petroleum Acquires Energy Additives

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By MarEx 2015-11-24 10:46:21

ValvTect Petroleum Products of Northbrook, Illinois today announced it has acquired Energy Additives, Inc. of Battle Creek, Michigan, the industry’s leading supplier of LPG/propane fuel additives and exclusive distributor of Blue Moon propane filtration systems.

“Energy Additives patented LPG/propane additives and Blue Moon filtration systems are natural extensions to ValvTect’s line of diesel, gasoline and biocide fuel additives. As many of our distributors now market propane, these products that improve the burning characteristics of LPG/propane will provide an opportunity to supply a higher quality propane and improved consumer experience,” said Jerry Nessenson, founder of ValvTect Petroleum.

“My wife Nancy and I have operated Energy Additives since 1984. Merging the business with ValvTect allows us to expand the distribution of our products to ValvTect’s huge distributor base,” said Lloyd Lack, President of Energy Additives.

“We are excited to acquire Energy Additives and its high quality product line. We look forward to servicing their existing domestic and international customers as well as expanding the line to our distributors,” said ValvTect President Marvin Griffin.

“Although there are other propane additives on the market, Energy Additives’ patented products are formulated specifically for LPG/propane. Blue Moon filters extract up to 97% impurities from LPG that can damage precision components of LPG/propane systems. These products provide unique and proven performance, thus they are similar in quality and performance to ValvTect’s line of diesel, gasoline and biocide additives,” Griffin added.

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