UECC Announces new Atlantic Service

uecc altanic service

By The Maritime Executive 2017-02-24 11:19:55

UECC is pleased to announce the launching of a new Atlantic service where we link Scandinavia with the North of Spain. This service is the quickest way to Scandinavia, connecting Vigo (Spain) with a direct service into Drammen (Norway) and Wallhamn (Sweden). The new service deploys three Breeze class vessels and there are two loops.

Responding to the new service, Ms. Helen Bjerke (Head of Trade and Operations) commented, “UECC is the only shortsea provider offering such a convenient route and we have received very positive feedback on this. Especially on the southbound where we have spaces available to cater to this ever-changing industry! As a leading provider of shortsea RoRo transportation in Europe, we aim to be versatile and flexible. We offer reliable solutions for a challenging industry for the transportation of cars and high & heavy cargo in the region.”

Long loop:  M/V Asian Breeze and M/V Baltic Breeze
Two Breeze vessels connecting Vigo to Drammen directly on a weekly basis.
Vigo → Zeebrugge → Bremerhaven → Drammen → Wallhamn → Cuxhaven → Southampton → Le Havre

Short Loop : M/V Arabian Breeze
One Breeze vessel on an 8-days frequency.
Vigo → Le Havre → Zeebrugge →Sheerness

Number of days between ports/transit time
Vigo – Drammen 7 days
Vigo – Zeebrugge 2 days
Vigo – Bremerhaven 5 days
Vigo – Wallhamn 8 days

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