U.S.-Flagged Barge BWTS Installation: Senesco Marine's Experience

The Optimarin BWTS ready for installation (Senesco)

Published May 20, 2020 7:54 PM by The Maritime Executive

The past year has proven to be the year of ballast water treatment for Rhode Island based shipyard Senesco Marine. The full-service new construction and repair shipyard installed a total of ten (10) complete ballast water treatment systems onboard five (5) double-hull oil tank barges owned and operated by parent company Reinauer Transportation. The five (5) barges ranged in size from 80,000 Bbls cargo capacity to 135,000 Bbls cargo capacity.

For capacity and redundancy purposes, each barge received two (2) Optimarin 500/500BK2 Ex treatment systems along with additional power generation sources and all necessary BWTS support systems, capable of treating vessel ballast to strict U.S. Coast Guard and International requirements.  Optimarin is type-approved by the IMO and U.S. Coast Guard and utilizes ultra-violet (UV) technology and filtration to treat ballast water. In order to minimize vessel downtime during installations, Senesco prefabricated new power generation deckhouses and ballast piping necessary for integration of new BWTS into existing ballast systems before the vessels arrived at the shipyard. The ability to prefabricate all structural and piping components from engineering drawings allows Senesco to reduce total retrofit time.

The new generator houses were designed and fabricated to accommodate two (2)) new John Deere 6135, U.S. EPA Tier 3 generator sets and a complete stand-alone power distribution system to meet new increased power requirements of the Optimarin system. The existing generators onboard were kept in place and maintained to service all original consumption needs. In conjunction with BWTS installation, the barges underwent large maintenance and repair work scopes for each vessel’s five-year ABS and U.S. Coast Guard regulatory dry dockings (i.e. blasting/painting, steel work, electrical upgrades, machinery overhauls and various other mechanical work). 

John Deere Generator Sets (Senesco)

 Prefabricated Power Generation Deckhouse (Senesco)

As the deadline for BWTS installation approaches for more and more U.S. flagged barges, Senesco Marine is continuing to show their experience and capabilities with treatment system installations as they are scheduled to complete another two (2) system installs this year. The barge RTC 108 is scheduled to arrive at Senesco in late June to commence treatment system installation. When asked about BWTS installation over the past year and a half, Senesco Repair Yard Manager Kyryll Karayev said, “the first system installation came with several challenges that our engineering team was able to overcome and the install process has become better and more efficient each time we install another system. We are confident that our team can work with vessel owners and engineering firms to meet the upcoming demand for treatment system installations on the East Coast”. 

When the RTC 108 arrives at Senesco in late June it will be met immediately by the local Rhode Island labor force at Senesco. The deck of the barge is scheduled to be cleared and cutout in-way of the after peak ballast tanks as the two (2) new treatment systems including a new ventilation system will be installed below deck to conserve above deck working space. One (1) new prefabricated power generation house is on the dock waiting to be lifted and set in place on deck.  Pipe sections are being welded, wiring conduits are being set, and several miles of new electrical cable is currently being pulled by electricians to complete the vessel modifications and dry-docking within the necessary timeline set out by customer needs.  

Deck Cut-Out for Installation of BWTS in Afterpeak Space (Senesco)

BWTS Installation in After Peak Space (Senesco)

Senesco’s experience over the past year and half has made them a go to shipyard for BWTS installation. With each install complete, Senesco has gained more and more experience and knowledge of what it takes to meet all regulatory and customer requirements for BWTS. Once installed, Senesco is also able to service and repair several aspects of the treatment system for vessel owners.   

Senesco Marine Repair Yard Services:

•    Two (2) floating dry docks:

“Leslie G”: 4,500 Long Ton Capacity, 338’ Long x 82’ Between Wing Walls
“DD 2” : 2,300 Long Ton Capacity, 250’ Long x 57’ Between Wing Walls

•    New Construction Site: 26 Acres on Narragansett Bay

•    Repair Yard Site: 3 Acres on Narragansett Bay, 1200’ Pier

•    Yard Services: Electric, water, compressed air, black & gray water

For more information, visit http://www.senescomarine.com/.

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